This project was found roots from 50,000 Happy Birthdays Project and it has been  funded by Latter-Days Saint Charities (LDSC) in partnership with International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) to operate  in 5 Provinces of Rwanda.  The project is designed to provide intensive preservice and inservice training by using  the most updated and evidence-based innovative strategies include  Safe Delivery Application (SDA)  and Kobo Collect  Mobile Applications. 

The project is mandated to refresh 1,500 providers from 112  health facilities ( including 10 hospitals, 95 Health Centers and 7 Teaching Hospital) on 3 modules of Helping Mothers and Babies Survive life-saving competences such as Bleeding After Birth Complete 2.0, Pee-eclampsia and Eclampsia, and Helping Baby Breathe 2.0. 

 The main  goal of the project is  to contribute to improving the quality of maternal and new-born health care by strengthening midwives’ competencies using the Helping Mothers Survive (HMS) and Helping Babies Survive (HBS) training modules and associated Low-Dose, High-Frequency (LDHF) practice sessions. The most recent data from the Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning  (MEL ) team show  that  among those who have been already refreshed include 15 of 15 (100%),  175 of 215 (81%) Master Trainers, and 810 out of 1270 (64 %) champions.