What Midwives Need in Rwanda

As a member of the Rwanda Midwives Association, you become part of a vibrant professional association that offers:

Continuous Professional Development Opportunities

You are at the front of the line for training and other professional development workshops to promote continuous learning.

Professional Learning Community

You are part of a community of midwives in Rwanda and around the world through our partners at the International Confederation of Midwives.

Events and Advocacy

You are part of a team and you are invited to participate in events we occasionally host and attend to promote and advance the midwifery profession.

Leadership and Mentorship Opportunities

You are part of a network of experts who are available to mentor you, and allow you to grow as a leader and a mentor to others.

News and Views

You will receive RAM quarterly newsletter, and you are invited to share your experiences and your thoughts on advancing the midwifery profession in Rwanda.