Priscille Musabirema


RAM  Social Welfare

Born on 01 January 1976 in southern province of Rwanda, Muhanga District. Priscille MUSABIREMA is an Assistant Lecturer in School of Nursing and Midwifery, one of the schools of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences in the University of Rwanda.

Educational Background:

  • Advanced Midwifery, Kigali Health Institute ,Kigali, Rwanda, 2004
  • Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing Education, Kigali Health Instute,Kigali, Rwanda, 2008
  •  MSc in Critical Care and trauma Nursing  Kigali Health Institute. Kigali, Rwanda 2011
  • Master trainer in HBS, HMS, PE/E, instructor in ALSO

Research Interests:

Mrs. Priscille MUSABIREMA’ areas of interest include, maternal and child health, Critical Care and trauma   nursing, education and clinical practice, and more especially neonatal intensive care.


MUSABIREMA, P., Brysiewicz, P., and Chipps, P. (2015). Parents perceptions of stress in the neonatal intensive care unit one hospital in Rwanda. South African Nursing Journal Curationis.

Personal Statement:

Priscille MUSABIREMA is an active member of RAM in charge of Social welfare who aims to improve the social welfare of all RAM members’ trough equity and equality of all midwives regarding all benefits offered by RAM.

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