Musabyimana Catherine


RAM Treasurer

Born on 02 February 1967 in southern province of Rwanda, Nyanza district, was trained as midwife in the first cohort of Midwifery students at former Kigali Health Institute, now holding a masters in Nursing Sciences / Education Leadership and Management.

Trained in midwifery competence based education by ICM in collaboration with RAM and UR-CMHS/SoNM

Master trainer in HBS, HMS, PE/E, instructor in ALSO

Work at UR-CMHS/SoNM as Assistant Lecturer

Catherine is also a member of NCNM an RNMU.

As active member of RAM, I believe to create awareness on midwifery education and the role of a midwife in the community outreach, so that I will to contribute to the reduction of maternal and infant’s mortality and morbidity through improving health literacy for a better word.

I am happy to be a midwife teacher